Volume 12
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Lone Wolf Volume Twelve

Welcome to our twelfth volume where we explore the greatest philosophical concepts through the beautiful lens of fashion photography. In this issue you will learn about what happens when you mix art with the most dangerous social experiment of all time, and uncover what it can teach us about the dark side of passivity. You will travel back in time 40,000 years to meet history’s earliest female artists. You will discover the upside of vanity, and meet the modern doppelgänger of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s greatest Pre-Raphaelite muse. You will find out about the mysterious woman who inspired New York City's public statues, and uncover what your name really says about you. You will travel to one of the most magical places on earth, Turkey’s Cotton Castles, and find out why Afghanistan has the highest concentration of skater girls on the planet. You will meet the incredible sculptor Anna-Wili Highfield and her beautiful paper animal sculptures. Issue twelve will show you how to turn your life around, overcome nice-girl-syndrome and find stillness in a chaotic world. What are you waiting for?

146 Pages / Printed in the UK / Thick uncoated paper stock.